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Where will we fly?

Where the hot air balloon goes is entirely dependent on the wind, and in Cappadocia no two flights are the same. A balloon cannot be steered independently of the wind but travels with it. The pilot rises and descends to find air currents that are moving in the desired direction.
Cihangiroglu Balloons' ground crew study the prevailing winds and use the State Metorological Services in order to select the safest flight path possible for a most memorable flight over Cappadocia. 

How long does it take?

Click to zoom the imageThe clear flight time is minimum one hour. Passengers and spectators are invited to participate in the pre and post-flight preparation and dismantling of the hot air balloon as this is all part of the experience. Including the transfer to and from your hotel the whole thrilling experience lasts about three hours.  However, you will be comfortably transported back to your hotel with plenty of time to enjoy the many attractions of Cappadocia.

What should I wear?

You should wear clothing suitable for a country walk appropriate to the time of year. Early mornings in Cappadocia can be chilly so a jacket or fleece is recommended. In spring and autumn you could do with an extra pair of socks and maybe scarf and gloves. A hat or cap may be useful to protect your head from the heat of the burners. Trousers will be more practical wear for getting in and out of the basket. Sensible walking shoes or boots are recommended. Stiletto heels or sandals should be avoided. Space is restricted in the basket, so please avoid bringing large rucksacks and bags. 

Is it safe?

Click to zoom the imageAt Cihangiroglu Balloons your safety is our priority.  Ballooning is statistically the oldest and safest form of flying, and Cihangiroglu Balloons' company pilots have been trained to the highest professional standards for all aircraft operators. You can, therefore, be assured that our company adheres to the highest standards in hot-air ballooning and we use the most up-to-date equipment available. 

When do we fly?

Click to zoom the imageOur hot air balloon rides take place in the very early morning hours because this time of day provides calm, cool air for gentle and stable flights with soft landings. . It is also the ideal time for photography with changes in light, splendid colours, and the beauty of the sunrise.
Don't forget your camera!

Is there an age or weight limit?

There is no upper age limit, but you must be sufficiently agile to climb in and out of the basket. In the interests of safety and operational requirements Cihangiroglu Balloons cannot take passengers whose weight exceeds 114 kg (or 251 pounds).  For safety reasons we cannot accept children under the age of six. 

What if I have to cancel?

If you must cancel your flight reservation with Cihangiroglu Balloons, please let us know 48 hours before the flight, and you will receive a total refund.  Cancellation 24 hours prior to the flight will be refunded at 50% of the total price. 

Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia is heavily reliant upon the weather, especially the speed of the wind. The flights are early in the morning when the winds are usually calm.  Cihangiroglu Balloons will never cancel a confirmed booking unless absolutely necessary.  This may happen if we find that the weather conditions are incompatible with passenger safety, which is always our priority.  For example, if winds are over 25 km/h, you will be advised without delay and will receive a full refund. 
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